“75 going on 21” – A Resident’s Story

“75 going on 21”. That’s how old (young) Clinton Condon is but his “much younger” wife, Lorraine, is just 74. “Every year she tries to catch up to me but I’m too fast for her,” he reveals with a gleeful chuckle.

To describe this retiree as aging gracefully is an understatement. It would be hard to find a more exuberant conversationalist of any age. Some of that good humour can be attributed to the couple’s recent move from the Gold Coast to The Village Yeronga in Brisbane’s south.

“We’ve only been here six months but I feel totally at home already,” Clinton says. “The sense of community is much stronger than I expected.”

Clinton and Lorraine Condon

Part of that is due to village management, Clinton says. “The staff are excellent. Our place wasn’t built yet when we bought it but they invited us to lunch a few times so we could get to know some of our neighbours before we moved in.” Continue reading ““75 going on 21” – A Resident’s Story”

“75 going on 21” – A Resident’s Story
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Retirement villages growing in popularity

Baby boomers are the healthiest and wealthiest generation of retirees ever and they have no plans to slow down.

With abundant energy and a zest for life, Australia’s over-55s are increasingly looking for residential options that provide a rewarding lifestyle.

Currently, more than 184,000 Australians live in retirement villages throughout the country and that number is projected to double by 2025, according to a recent Property Council of Australia report.

Australian research shows there are several reasons for the growing popularity of retirement village living:


Village residents highly value the benefits of living within a community of like-minded people at the same stage of life. The increased social opportunities offered by a village setting lead to richer and broader social lives. As one resident told an Australian National University (ANU) survey: “It is delightful to be part of a social group and to have new friends.”

Quality of life

Freedom from home maintenance duties and heavy gardening work is another prized aspect of village life, the ANU survey shows. Fewer chores leaves more time for leisure activities and socialising. With modern villages offering resort-style amenities like swimming pools, gyms, libraries and games rooms, there’s never a dull moment. Continue reading “Retirement villages growing in popularity”

Retirement villages growing in popularity
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